Motorhome-trip to breweries in the Netherlands & Belgium

Motorhome-trip to breweries in the Netherlands & Belgium!

Attention all beer-lovers! It's time for a motorhome-trip to breweries in Belgium and the Netherlands. Just because it's amazing to enjoy a cold one from time to time! If you ask us, you can best do that at a brewery! That's why we share our tips for the best breweries in the Netherlands and Belgium with you in this article.

Don't drink and drive! Make sure you take your bikes with you and park your motorhome at the motorhome stopovers mentioned in this article, close to the breweries.

La Trappe Trappist, Berkel-Enschot

What used to be a monastery where monks spent their time, has now been transformed into a stunning brewery. Here, you can enjoy some trappist beers while you sit in the beautiful gardens of the brewery. Don't forget to enjoy a delicious lunch before or after your tour through the monastery! During your tour, you'll pass along all the steps in the production process and you will get to know more about the history of the brewery through an interesting short film. Can't get enough of the beer? In the shop, located on the terrain, you can buy all the La Trappe beers you want. Besides spending a lovely afternoon on the terrace, the brewery also has a beautiful rural setting which is definitely worth exploring. Get on your bike and discover one of the many routes that are mapped out. You can park your motorhome at 15-minutes biking distance at Camperplaats Biest-Houtakker, so you can get to the brewery easily and quickly!

Our beer tips: La Trappe Witte Trappist and La Trappe Isid'or

La Trappe Trappist

- Enjoy a delicious La Trappe beer on the terrace of the Trappist monastery! © La Trappe Trappist

Stadsbrouwerij De Drie Ringen, Amersfoort

Cruising through the canals of historic Amersfoort, meanwhile enjoying Amersfoort's beer history and ending with a beer tasting, doesn't that sound wonderful? During this cruise, it's double enjoyment! Would you rather discover history and the city in an active way? Then join the city walk and dive into the city's brewing history! It is also well worth joining the guided tour, to take a look behind the scenes of the brewery. In just over an hour, you will learn more about the secrets of Amersfoort beer and Stadsbrouwerij De Drie Ringen. The city brewery is centrally located and therefore easy to reach from the motorhome stopover Aan de Eem, a 5-minute walk will take you into the historic city.

stadsbrouwerij de drie ringen, amersfoort

- Take a look in Stadsbrouwerij De Drie Ringen! © De Drie Ringen

Brouwerij 't IJ, Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, Brouwerij 't IJ is truly a household name. At this brewery, you can enjoy your day on the terrace of 't Blauwe Theehuis, one of Brouwerij 't IJ's two tasting rooms. The beer is delicious, there is a great atmosphere and you're located in the middle of the Vondelpark. You can go there for a delicious bite to eat, so you can then enjoy the freshly tapped beers with a good base! Park your motorhome at Camperpark Amsterdam and bike directly to the fun terrace to enjoy a fresh beer. Outside of the taste of these beers, you might have some curiosity for the place where the beer is brewed; take a tour through the brewery on the Funenkade and learn everything about the history of the brewery! Do you totally love Brouwerij 't IJ? Then don't forget to buy a souvenir in the IJshop gift shop and end your day with a delicious pint of IJ beer by the bar!

Our beer tips: Vrijwit wheat beer and Paasij Spring beer

brouwerij 't ij

- Take part in the the tour through Stadsbrouwerij 't IJ!

Hertog Jan, Arcen

Are you planning a weekend away and would you love a nice beer and some delicous food? Then we definitely recommend you visit beer- and dining café de Hertog Jan Proeverij. You can forget about all your worries here and just enjoy a cold one! Want to learn more about the history and creation of Hertog Jan beer? Cross the road and go to the brewery itself. DUring your visit with the guide, you'll smell the hop and taste the delicious beer. There's also the possibility to put away a personal bottle of Grand Prestige beer, which you can leave there for 6 years and pick up during your next visit! For the real beer lovers, events are organised every year. Here, the love of beer takes centre stage and you will be told more about the different brewing processes. There will be different themes based on special beers. For example, there is a Grand Prestige day, which celebrates the existence of the beer. Or the bock beer weekend, during which the tours will be entirely dedicated to Hertog Jan bock beer. What should not be missed, of course, is a tasting! After a wonderful day browsing around the brewery, you can spend a quiet night at Camperstop IndeVerte!

Our beer tips: Hertog Jan Grand Prestige and Hertog Jan Weizener

Maallust, Veenhuizen

Park your motorhome at motorhome stopover Norgerberg and head out to enjoy the taste of Maallust! Do you love specialty beers? Then it's time for a tasting! Wind down on the terrace with views over the brewery. Would you rather learn about the production process from beginning to end? Follow one of the guided tours! Listen to the interesting stories about the beginnings of brewrey Maallust, whilst you enjoy a selectionn of 4 specialty beers! Do you want to experience something truly unique and enjoy some beers in a different way than usual? Hop on the specialty beer bus and have an amazing time! This bus is the ideal activity for big parties or events with family and friends.

maallust, veenhuizen

- Explore the Maallust brewery, or hop on the specialty beer bus!

Stadsbrouwerij Gruut, Ghent

Do you want to enjoy real Belgian beer, and learn more about its history? Then Stadsbrouwerij Gruut is the place to go! Have a look inside and be amazed by the history and beer culture of Belgium. It is also possible to have an amazing day on the water during a boat trip. Have a cruise through the historic city centre of Ghent, accompanied by a guide and a delicious tasting of beers. Be surprised by the refreshing taste of the delicious Gruut beer combined with a delicious bite to eat. Please note: if you plan to also have a bite to eat, make sure you book in advance so that the brewery can take that into account! Make sure you have parked your motorhome in advance at Kamperautoterrein Driebeek, so you can bike back to your motorhome to spend the night after this wonderful day!

Het Anker, Mechelen

A tour through this brewery is definitely worth your time. The tour starts with a short explanation about the ingredients of beer, which you can smell as well as taste! You'll visit the brewhouse, and will walk to the roof of the brewery where you will be provided by an amazing view over Mechelen! After the many beer smells, it is time to quench your thirst with small tasting that's waiting for you. Prefer doing something other than taking a brewery tour? Then you can participate in a brewing workshop! You will spend a day in production and learn the basics of brewing beer! Be sure to end your day at Brasserie het Anker and enjoy dishes with matching beers! Would you like to enjoy the delicious beers of het Anker at home? Then visit the brewery shop. Besides beers, you will also find beer glasses, whisky and Gouden Carolus stew! You can park your motorhome at motorhome stopover Mechelen, a short 10-minute walk from Het Anker.

Our beer tip: Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused

het anker, mechelen

- The roof of the brewery gives you an amazing view over Mechelen!

Brouwerij De Halve Maan, Bruges

Beers are brewed with pride at Brouwerij de Halve Maan. That's why this brewery is definitely worth a visit. The tour starts in the courtyard which, by the way, is an amazing place to have lunch on a sunny day! The experienced guides take you with them through the brewery while they tell you everything about the (beer)history of Bruges. Finish your tour with a delicous pint of Brugse Zot! The pub is the ideal place to enjoy some delicious food, of course with a nice-tasting beer on the side. After a day full of impressions and beers, you can spend the night at motorhome stopover Het Kanaaleiland.

Our beer tip: Straffe Hendrik Tripel

de halve maan, brugge

- Finish your tour with a nice pint of Brugse Zot!

Brouwerij Achouffe, Achouffe

Park your motorhome at motorhome stopover Houffalize, strap on your hiking boots and walk to Brouwerij Achouffe. You should definitely visit this brewery, there the guide is waiting to give you a tour around the various production rooms. Your visit will end in beauty: you'll end up in the "gnome pub", where you can enjoy some delicious La Chouffe beer! The gnomes are real music lovers, which is why the old concert hall is transformed into a restaurant where you can make both your taste buds and your ears happy. Live music and amazing food and drinks will make sure that you never want to leave!

Our beer tip: La Chouffe Blond

Duvel, Puurs-Sint-Amands

Have you always wanted to know how the Duvel brewing process works or how Duvel beers really taste? Then be sure to visit the city brewery, where the guide will tell you all about Duvel's past! From a guided tour with a beer to a full tasting; you'll discover all the tasting offerings here! You really want to try Duvel's fantastic beers once! Want to take home a little something for your loved ones? In the Duvel shop, next to the brewery, there is a wide range of items! You can spend the night at the Puurs motorhome stopover!

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