Motorhome-trip through the blossom fields!

Motorhome-trip through the blossom fields!

As the sun rises earlier and sets later, the blossom trees turn white and pink in many places. This is the perfect time to travel past breathtaking blossom spots with your motorhome, while enjoying various activities along the way or relaxing among the blossom trees with a snack and a drink. And the best of all? This blossom route spreads across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany!

Dutch blossom splendour

That the Betuwe is the heart of Dutch blossom glory is undeniable. But the Netherlands has much more to offer when it comes to blossoming magnificence. Bommelerwaard, located between the rivers Maas and Waal, is charmed with idyllic old villages and lush nature. In April, you can walk past the blooming blossom from Zwijssenplein in Kerkdriel. Or would you like to swap the mainland for the water? Then you can rent a boat in Bommelerwaard to access the Zandmeren: this way you can enjoy places that can only be seen from the water!

blossom road motorhome

- Enjoy the beautiful view during your walk!

Wandering past the blossoming trees

Drive on with your motorhome to the Land of Maas and Waal, as you can enjoy the blossom in a special way there. Park your motorhome at motorhome stopover Strand Maaslanden and put on your walking shoes to walk to the Gardens of Appeltern. Along the way you can, of course, enjoy the many blossom trees. Once you arrive at the Gardens of Appeltern, you can have a seat at the Appeltern Tea Garden, amidst the rose bushes and fruit trees. Here you can take a rest from your walk while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea with a piece of apple pie!

walk appeltern

-  Rest with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake in a special setting!

Enjoy the blossom views from your motorhome

Rather see the blossom from your motorhome? Then drive through the landscape of Ruinerwold, a village located in the municipality of De Wolden, where you can drive past more than a thousand blossoming pear trees via the Dr. Larijweg in late April. If you prefer walking or cycling past the characteristic old farms with thatched roofs, surrounded by blossoming trees, you can park your motorhome at Vakantiepark De Toffe Peer and inform on the spot about the various walking, cycling and even sailing routes that are offered.

Vast landscape of fruit orchards

A visit to Borgloon, also known as a blossom art trail, should not be missed during your blossom tour by motorhome. Located in the heart of the Haspengouw blossom region in Belgian Limburg, Borgloon offers a vast landscape of fruit orchards that turn into a sea of white and pink blooms in spring. During your motorhome-trip, be sure to pause to enjoy the view, and taste local delicacies such as 'Loonse stroop' on a typical Borgloon syrup waffle in one of the cosy cafés. Still haven't seen enough of the area? Then be sure to explore the charming villages such as Hoepertingen and park your motorhome at Camperplaats 't Bilterhof or at Haspengouwse Camperplaats. Or how about visiting a fruit farm such as the innovative fruit company 'Fruit with heart and soul'. Here you can take part in a tour of the orchards and even pick fruit yourself!

Borgloon Haspengouw Belgium blossem

- Enjoy the beautiful surroundings full of blossom!

Take your motorhome to the almond blossom

Last, but certainly not least: south-west Germany. Do you want to travel beyond the Netherlands or Belgium to enjoy the blossom this year? Then drive your motorhome to Palatinate. Thanks to the almond blossom, this famous German wine region turns into a beautiful picturesque white-pink setting! To see most of the blossoming almond trees, you have to drive to Gimmeldingen. Besides just looking at the blossom, you can also visit several wineries there to enjoy a glass of wine while being surrounded by almond trees! 

Did you bring your bikes or do you like to go out on foot to explore the area? Then you can choose to follow the Palatinate Almond Route. The route starts in the village of Bockenheim and passes through several scenic villages. You can decide for yourself how many kilometres you want to keep following the route. One thing is certain: you won't get any closer to the almond blossom than this!

Would you like to spend the night near Gimmeldingen? Then you can do so at, for example Weingut Kreiselmaier, Weinhaus Kruppenbacher, Altes Weingut Steigelmann or Weingut Müller-Kern.

Germany motorhome blossem

- Don't forget to bring your bikes to this area! © Jens Wegener

Are you ready to discover various blossom areas? Get your motorhome started and travel past blossom spots in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. What are you waiting for? If you're interested in more blossom spots in the Netherlands and Belgium, and haven't yet visited the Betuwe, South Limburg, Sint-Truiden or Nieuwerkerken to admire blossoms, it's definitely worth reading this article to help you put together your ideal blossom route!



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