Ancient Greece by motorhome!

Ancient Greece by motorhome!

A beautiful country where there are loads of memories to be made! Greece is known for its rich history. With this motorhome route, we'll take you along the most impressive temples which were built by the Greeks to honour their gods. Not only do the temples impress many tourists, the ruins and picturesque streets of various Greek cities are definitely worth a visit as well! Stay overnight by motorhome in various locations close to the sights and let all the impressions of the gods wash over you!

Historical Athens

Though the capital of Greece is a modern city, you'll find age-old ruins at almost every streetcorner. When one thinks of Athens, they will obviously think about the Akropolis. The Akropolis is a 156 metre high mountain that towers above the city. Take a nice walk through the olive groves and be surprised by gorgeous views over the city! Of course, you can't miss out on a visit to the most famous temple in all of Greece, the Parthenon. This temple was built in honour of the goddess Athena Parthenos, who was the patron goddess of Athens. After your visit to these old ruins, you can stay overnight with your motorhome at motorhome stopover Athens.


- Visit the most famous temple in Greece: the Parthenon!


Patras is one of the biggest harbour cities in Greece. Besides a huge harbour, Patras also possesses loads of history! The first thing you'll notice when you visit Patras is the castle that stands on top of the hill, which is in the centre of the city. This castle was built in the 6th century on top of the ruins of the old Akropolis. Here, you can find out everything there is to know about the castle! Look around and enjoy the stunnin views over the harbour, the city and the sea! On the opposite side of the castle, on the same hill, is the Roman Odeon Amphitheatre, which was built in 1000 A.D. Today, this place is an important cultural spot for festivals, theatre and music, so this place is definitely worth a visit! Want to take a fresh dive into the ocean after a long day full of history? Then, park your motorhome at motorhome stopover Tsolis!

The oracle of Delphi

At the Oracle of Delphi, Greeks sought advice and had the future foretold. The oracle is now part of the ancient part of Delphi, which is an extraordinary place with loads of archeological sights and ruins from the 7th century B.C. A city with steep streets and fantastic views over the mountains! Experience history in Delphi while walking along the temple of Apollo, the treasure rooms, the amphitheatre and the old stadium of the Pythic Games. Need to take a breather after a long day of sight-seeing in Delphi? Then, stay with your motorhome at Delphi Camping.

Temple of Apollo Delphi Greece

- The Ancient Delphi: a special place with a rich history!

Mysterious Meteora

From Camping Meteora Garden you can easily visit Meteora. Take the circular route that brings you to six impressive monasteries that lie on top of high rocks. In this village, there are six ''floating'' monasteries in total. During winter especially, as a blanket of clouds fills the valley, it'll become clear why these monasteries are built on the high rocks.

The monasteries were built in the 14th century. Back then, monks lived in various caves in the rocks, untill they went up to live in the monasteries a while later. Discover the area by several walking routes: straight to the valley or to one of the many viewpoints, from where you'll have a fantastic view over the monasteries!

Meteora Greece

- Admire the impressive monasteries on the rocks of Meteora!

The picturesque streets of Thessaloníki

Out and about in Thessaloníki? Park your motorhome at Camper Stop Sallonicco and discover the rich Byzantine history. Take a walk to the White Tower, which is the symbol of Thessaloníki. This tower was part of the old Byzantine city wall. Definitely take a look at Ano Poli as well, this is an old part of the city and is by far the most fascinating and beautiful part of the city! Don't forget to take a walk through the picturesque streets with street-art here and there. You could also pay a visit to the Agios Dimitrios chuch, to admire mosaics from the 7th century!

white tower Thessaloníki

- The symbol of Thessaloníki: the white tower!

Travel to Greece well-prepared with our motorhome guide and the Camperstop-App! With these handy tools, you'll always find a suitable motorhome stopover that fits your needs!

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