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Motorhome trip to Alsace: the best travel tips

French Alsace is a wonderful region to discover by motorhome! On the way, you will encounter beautiful nature with stops at one of the many wineries, authentic villages or a beautiful castle. This makes Alsace a highly recommended destination for your next motorhome trip!


In Alsace, you will find plenty of beautiful nature, starting with the Vosges Mountains. This mountain range is located towards Switzerland. The highest peak is the Grand Ballon, which is about 1,424 metres high. Ballon is French for 'spherical', so the top is therefore also spherical. It is not a difficult climb and the walk to the top is therefore doable for all levels. On top of the summit you will find the Diables Bleus Monument, placed there in memory of the victims that fell here in the First World War, and a radar that was designed for civil aviation. From the dome of the radar, you have a beautiful view! You will also find the beautiful Lac Blanc in the nature reserve where you can take lovely walks. Here you will also find a rock, 'château Hans', from where you have a beautiful view of the lake. The rock owes its name to an old legend of a man who lived in a castle overlooking the rock.

If you are looking for several other beautiful walks, the famous hiking trail GR5 - which runs from the Hook of Holland to Nice - also runs through Alsace. There are several beautiful stages of this route that you can enjoy! If you prefer to discover Alsace by bike, we have good news for you! The area is known for having the most cycling routes in France. By bike, you can enjoy many beautiful green landscapes in Alsace.


Alsace is a good area for wine lovers, because the famous Route des Vins runs through here! This is the oldest and perhaps most famous wine route in France. This 170 km long route goes from Marlenheim to Thann. Since the route runs from north to south through Alsace, this means that you can taste plenty of delicious wines during your motorhome-trip through Alsace. You'll pass many wine villages and wineries, where residents or owners will be happy to tell you all about their wines! After harvesting the grapes, the vineyards turn a beautiful golden-yellow colour, so this is also a good time to take your Alsace motorhome tour! If you follow (part of) the Route des Vins, you can recognise it by the signs that indicate the route. If you are travelling through Alsace by motorhome in September or October and would like to do a wine tasting, it is advisable to make an appointment during these months! This is one of the busiest periods of the year.

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France Alsace motorhome
- During your motorhome trip through Alsace, you will certainly come across beautiful vineyards like this one!


In Alsace, you will find several lively and characteristic cities, including Strasbourg. Here, you can enjoy the many beautiful half-timbered houses, the cathedral (one of the largest in France) and various museums. A city that resembles Strasbourg with its half-timbered houses and that is also situated in Alsace, is Colmar. It is also called the capital of Alsace wines! So you should definitely try to get hold of a delicious bottle of local wine here as well! Besides the half-timbered houses, you will find more beautiful buildings in the city, such as Maison Pfister with beautiful frescos from the 16th century inside and Maison Adolph, the oldest building in the city. Mulhouse is also a beautiful city in Alsace, where you will find many museums due to the city's industrial past, such as the Automobile Museum, Railway Museum and upholstery printing museum.

motorhome Alsace
- In Colmar, you will find several beautiful half-timbered houses!


In the aforementioned mountain range of Vosges, besides beautiful nature, there is another thing you should definitely not miss on your to-do list: the many castles! The most famous castle in this area is the Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg. This castle was built around the year 1147 on the 750 metre high mountain and has experienced a lot through the centuries, including a major fire during the Thirteen Year War. Today, when you step through the doors of the castle, you immediately find yourself in medieval spheres. Both the outside and the inside are very impressive! In the rest of the area, there are plenty of beautiful castles worth visiting, including Château de Kaysersberg, which lies in the middle of the vineyards, and the ruins of Château de Wangenborug, which lies in the beautiful green forests.

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Other tips for your Alsace motorhome tour

  • Visit one of the many Christmas markets in December. You will find them in the cities as well as in the villages and here you can enjoy delicious local delicacies, such as choucroute garnie, a typical Alsatian recipe with sauerkraut, sausage, potatoes and often various other cured meats.
  • In the north of the area, you will find several potters who will be happy to show you their workshop. Here, you can often buy beautiful souvenirs to take home!
  • The Alsace open-air museum Ecomusée teaches you all about local life in the former countryside. In the museum, you will find several old farms where you can discover old crafts and learn all about the legends and customs of the past.


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