8x free motorhome stopovers in Southern Spain

8x free motorhome stopovers in Southern Spain

A vacation to the Costa del Sol... who wouldn't want that?! In the south of Spain, you can find all the ingredients for a great motorhome trip: the sun, the sea, the beach, and free motorhome stopovers! Whether you want to stay close to the water or at walking distance from a city or village, there are lots of different free motorhome stopovers in Southern Spain. In this blog, we already composed a list of 8 of our favourite free motorhome stopovers for you.

Area de Montagón, Abla

At the foot of the Spanish nature reserve Sierra Nevada lies the free motorhome stopover Area de Montagón. This is the perfect starting point to explore National Park Sierra Nevada. In this national park lies Spain's highest mountain, the 3.481-metre-high Mulhacen. Sierra Nevada is mostly known as a hiking destination, but besides hiking you can go horseback riding, cycling, mountaineering, or even skiing here! And no worries: Andalusia might be sweltering in summer, but in this mountain range the temperatures are doable at any time of year.

free motorhome stopover Area de Montagón

- Stay in the shade at the free motorhome stopover Area de Montagón.

Playa de la Carolina, Águilas

Waking up with the sound of the ocean? It's possible at the tolerance place Playa de la Carolina. This idyllic motorhome stopover lies just above the eponymous beach Playa de la Carolina, which gives you an amazing view over the dunes and the ocean right from your motorhome. Have you seen enough of Playa de la Carolina? Then you can easily head to the nearby Playa de los Cocedores. This beautiful beach also lies at only a few metres distance from the tolerance place.

free motorhome stopover Playa de la Carolina

- From the tolerance place Playa de la Carolina you have an amazing view over the sea.

La Sierra de Líjar, Algodonales

Andalusia is mostly known for its beautiful beaches and good weather, but also for its quaint white towns! One of these white towns is Algodonales. This village lies hidden between olive trees and offers a view over beautiful mountains and the national park Sierra de Grazalema. The free motorhome stopover La Sierra de Líjar is the perfect starting point to explore this beautiful village or even make a challenging hike in the green national park that lies at just a few kilometres distance.

free motorhome stopover algodonales

- Discover the picturesque Algodonales!

Estacionamiento municipal de autocaravanas, Almería

The tolerance place Estacionamiento municipal de autocaravanas lies in the Southern Spanish Almería, a fun harbour city that is not only fit for a city trip but also for a relaxing vacation at the beach! There's lots to do in Almería: from the old Arabian fort Alcazaba to the only European desert, the Desierto de Tabernas. And if you want to wind down from a full day of activities and sightseeing, then you just put down your beach towel at one of the beautiful beaches of the Costa de Almería!

free motorhome stopover almeria

- At the tolerance place in Almería you can enjoy the sunshine for over 320 days a year!

Area Municipal de Archena, Archena

Have you deserved a day of wellness? Stay at the free motorhome stopover Area Municipal de Archena! In Archena you can spend a full day relaxing at the Belneario de Archena, where you can take a dip in one of the many thermal pools. Besides, you can make a fun excursion to the Spanish city Murcia, or just simply explore the beautiful surroundings, straight from the motorhome stopover. Anyways, there is lots to do around here!

free motorhome stopover archena

- A hike to the top of the mountain nearby the motorhome stopover is definitely worth it!

La Azohia

Spending the night close to the water; it's all possible at the tolerance place La Azohia! This motorhome stopover lies near a small sandy beach and has many supermarkets, restaurants, and shops in its vicinity. You don't have to worry about anything here! And with a bit of luck, you can enjoy a gorgeous sunrise from your motorhome... is there any better way to start the day?!

free motorhome stopover azohia

- Look out over the water from the tolerance place La Azohia!

Peñon del Cuervo, Málaga

Málaga is the fifth biggest city of Spain and a popular vacation destination for many. Not strange, because all the historical sites, stunning nature and picturesque beaches make this city a dream destination for all types of travellers. At the tolerance place Peñon del Cuervo you practically stay on the beautiful beach Playa Peñon del Cuervo and at just a 20 minutes' drive from the centre of Málaga!

free motorhome stopover Peñon del Cuervo málaga

- The tolerance place Peñon del Cuervo lies close to the beach!

Parking Palomares, Cueves del Almanzora

The free motorhome stopover Parking Palomares lies at the beach, too. Though isn't the only thing to see or do around here. This free motorhome stopover lies in the Cueves del Almanzora, a beautiful city that is seen as Andalusia's oldest city! In this city you will find historical buildings, but also some modern restaurants, bars, and shops. One of the highlights of Cueves del Almanzora, and simultaneously the thing where the city owes its name to, are the artificial caves in the nearby hills that were once inhabited by miners. If you're staying at Parking Palomares, you definitely cannot miss out on this place!

free motorhome stopover cuevas de almanzora

- Wake up near the water at Parking Palomares.

Looking for a free motorhome stopover at another European destination? Read our blogs about free motorhome stopovers in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Italy, or Germany! We wish you lots of (motorhome) fun!

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