Free motorhome stopovers Rhineland-Palatinate Germany

8x free motorhome stopovers in the German region Rhineland-Palatinate!

The diverse Rhineland-Palatinate is the ideal region to visit with your motorhome if you are a nature and culture enthusiast. From historic cities to endless wine landscapes and from deep river valleys to high forested hills, this federal state of Germany has it all! It's also nice that you don't have to travel too long with your motorhome to get there, and even more ideal are the eight free motorhome stopovers in this blog, where you can stay for free in this lovely region. So keep reading to find out which places in Rhineland-Palatinate you definitely shouldn't miss!

Parkplatz am Rebenmeer, Neustadt an der Weinstraße

With its rich activity in wine-growing and central location on the German Wine Route, Neustadt an der Weinstraße is also known as the heart of the German wine industry in Rhineland-Palatinate. The ideal base for true wine lovers! Besides the many wine festivals and tastings organised in the town and its surrounding villages, Neustadt an der Weinstraβe is also rich in architectural history and offers many recreational opportunities. Take your motorhome or bike to explore part of the 85-kilometre-long German Wine Route, or seek out the history of German democracy at Hambacher Schloss. You can stay for free at the motorhome stopover Parkplatz am Rebenmeer, which is open all year round, has spacious sites and is the ideal place to discover the delightful region!

Free motorhome stopover Neustadt/Weinstrasse Parkplatz am Rebenmeer

- Park your motorhome at Parkplatz am Rebenmeer and discover the heart of Germany's wine industry.

Historisches Kupferbergwerk, Fischbach

If you are interested in and not afraid to dive - literally - into history, be sure to visit the town of Fischbach! Here you will find free motorhome stopover Historisches Kupferbergwerk and, as the name suggests, also a copper mine. Located on the Gemstone Route in the Nahe, this copper mine was considered one of the largest and most important mines in Europe, so it is well worth a visit if you want to experience the remnants of gem history. From Fischbach, it takes 15 minutes to drive your motorhome to the town of Idar-Oberstein, where you can enjoy the authentic architecture, pleasant restaurants and cafés and, last but not least, Idar-Oberstein's local specialty: spit-roast.

Free motorhome stopover Historisches Kupferbergwerk Fischbach

- From this free motorhome stopover you can dive into Fischbach's history!

Napoleonshöhe, Ober-Hilbersheim

The rustic village of Ober-Hilbersheim is located in the east of Rhineland-Palatinate and has a rich history. Close to the centre is the free motorhome stopover Napoleonshöhe, provided with spacious sites, a loading and unloading station and paid electricity facilities. There are plenty of beautiful hiking and cycling routes in the area around the motorhome stopover, and the surrounding villages are well worth a visit. Within half an hour's drive from the village you can be in Mainz, the capital of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, where you will find yourself immersed in the region's history. Visit Mainz's famous cathedral, stroll along the Rhine or soak up the sun on one of the pleasant terraces.

Free motorhome stopover Napoleonshöhe Ober-Hilbersheim

- Bring the bikes because you can enjoy cycling from this free motorhome stopover!

Winzerhof Schnabel, Gau-Bickelheim

A free overnight stay at motorhome stopover Winzerhof Schnabel in exchange for the purchase of a bottle of wine - that sounds like a good deal for the true wine lover. This motorhome site is equipped with a loading and unloading station, Wi-Fi and showers and electricity facilities for a surcharge. There are wine tastings organised, where you can learn more about the region's award-winning wines and experience the life of a wine grower. The surrounding area lends itself to beautiful walking and cycling routes and visits to villages. In a nutshell: plenty to experience in Gau-Bickelheim and its rural surroundings.

Free motorhome stopover winzerhof schnabel Gau-Bickelheim

- In exchange for the purchase of a bottle of wine, you can stay for free at this motorhome stopover!

Panorama Sauna, Grafschaft

In the far north of Rhineland-Palatinate lies Grafschaft, an ancient municipality with many landmarks and monumental buildings. There are several castles in the surrounding villages, dozens of Roman Catholic churches and the town is also a recognised climatic spa. For a day in the city, you can easily drive into Bonn city centre within half an hour, and within an hour you can be in Cologne with your motorhome. Spa guests, hikers and cyclists who like to travel by motorhome can stay for free at the Panorama Sauna motorhome stopover in Holzweiler, belonging to the municipality of Grafschaft. This motorhome stopover is in a quiet location, has spacious pitches and is the ideal place to further explore the area.

Free motorhome stopover panorama sauna Grafschaft

- There is plenty to do in the surroundings of this motorhome stopover!

Am Monte Mare, Kaiserslautern

In the south of Rhineland-Palatinate lies Kaiserslautern, against the Palatinate Forest. Its convenient location makes it the perfect base to enjoy the authentic city and the beautiful nature of the region. Spend the night for free at the motorhome stopover Am Monte Mare, from where you can discover the city and its rich history. Stroll through the old centre, learn about today's modern influences and experience the lively city in the evening too. Do you want to explore more of the surrounding area? There are plenty of adventurous hiking and cycling routes in the Palatinate Forest, where a real must is a hiking trail to the Hochstein mountain massif in Dahn, and within an hour's drive you can be in Worms, Mannheim and Heidelberg. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy in this dynamic area.

Free motorhome stopover Kaiserslautern Duitsland

- There is plenty to do from this free motorhome stopover!

Am Segelhafen, Westerburg

You can spend a free night by the water in Westerburg at the motorhome stopover Am Segelhafen on the banks of the Wiesensee. You can enjoy fishing, swimming and boating here, or go out into the surrounding area. Hike along waterfalls and streams through the Holzbach canyon, climb over the Hochstein rocks near Hӧhn or visit one of the old castles in the surrounding villages and immerse yourself in Rhineland-Palatinate history. In Westerburg, you can also stroll around and enjoy the idyllic architecture and cosy village atmosphere on one of the terraces. The excellent place if you want to unwind and relax by the water.

Free motorhome stopover westerburg

- From this motorhome stopover you can enjoy fishing, swimming and boating!

Hotel Heidsmühle, Manderscheid

Manderscheid is located in the volcanic landscape of the Eifel region in western Rhineland-Palatinate, on the river Lieser. This historic town is surrounded by several Maars, lakes created by the explosive force of volcanism, for which the Eifel is famous. Be sure to visit the Meerfelder Maar, the Gemündener Maar and the Schalkenmehrener Maar, where you will be treated to magnificent views over the water. In Manderscheid, you can visit the Niederburg and Oberburg castle ruins, or drive within an hour to the famous Burg Eltz, a real must-see in Rhineland-Palatinate! Spend the night for free at motorhome stopover Hotel Heidsmühle, just outside the centre of Manderscheid. Here you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings all year round.

Free motorhome stopover hotel heidsmühle manderscheid

- Just outside the centre of Manderscheid, you can stay overnight in this green area.

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