Free motorhome stopovers in Belgium

7x free motorhome stopovers in Belgium!

Are you planning on going on a motorhome trip to Belgium? With all its historical cities, charming seaside towns and beautiful nature, Belgium has a lot to offer for a motorhome trip. There are also several free motorhome stopovers in the country of fries and waffles, so that your motorhome trip will be even more comfortable and cheaper! In this blog, we curated a list with a couple of free Belgian motorhome stopovers for you.

Kalmthoutse Heide, Kalmthout

At the Kalmthoutse Heide, in Kalmthout, you can stay for free in the middle of the greenery. So, if you love nature, then this is the place for you! There are multiple hiking and cycling trails in the surroundings, but also several locations where you can do some geocaching.

The motorhome stopover is located at 2 kilometres distance from the centre of Kalmthout, in the nature reserve Grenspark Kalmthoutse Heide. Here, you will find hiking trails that vary from 1,7 kilometres up untill longer trails of 8,5 kilometres. This way, you can directly explore the Belgian nature from your motorhome!

free motorhome stopover Kalmthoutse Heide

- The free motorhome stopover Kalmthoutse Heide lies in the middle of nature!

Camperplaats Oostende, Oostende

Oostende is a city at the Belgian coast, in the province West Flanders. Besides Oostende being the biggest seaside town of Belgium, it used to be a populair vacation destination for the royal family. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Oostende is also called 'The Queen of Seaside Towns'. In Oostende you can, obviously, relax at the beach, as well as visit some populair sights such as the Sint Petrus- and Paulus church, the Maria Hendrikapark or the gigantic fishing market Vistrap.

Camperplaats Oostende lies close to all the sights and on a small distance from the beach. Here, you can enjoy everything that Oostende has on offer for free!

free motorhome stopover Oostende

- From the free motorhome stopover Oostende you can enjoy all the beautiful things that Oostende has to offer!

Grande Tour et Promenade en Bateau Mouche, Ronquières

For the people interested in shipping, is Ronquières the place to be. Here, you'll find an inclined plane on the canal between Charleroi and Brussels. This monumental construction is in fact an elevator for ships, which means that you can look at ships all day! At Grande Tour et Promenade en Bateau Mouche you stay directly besides the inclined plane. You won't even have to leave your motorhome for a spectacular view!

free motorhome stopover in Ronquières

- At the free motorhome stopover in Ronquières you will stay in the greenery!

Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917, Zonnebeke

Attention all history lovers! At the free motorhome stopover Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 you stay at a stone's throw distance from the Passchendaele Museum. This interesting museum tells the story of the Battle at Passendale, in the First World War.

Passendale is also known as the "village of cheese". Here, you can visit De Oude Kaasmakerij (the Old Cheese Factory), where you will learn everything about cheese. Anyways, there's a lot to experience in the surroundings of this motorhome stopover!

free motorhome stopover memorial museum passchendaele 1917

- The free motorhome stopover Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917!

Huy, Huy

Huy is one of the oldest cities in Belgium. This city is located in the heart of Wallonia and possesses over an impressive amount of architectural heritage. You could, for example, take a look at Fort Huy, the City Hall of Huy or the Grote Markt (grand marketplace). Besides, there are hundreds of kilometres of hiking and cycling trails to be found in the surroundings. Cycling enthusiasts should definitely check out the Wall of Huy, an incredibly steep hill that is featured every year in the cycling classic "Waalse Pijl".

To stay in Huy for free, you can park your motorhome at the eponymous motorhome stopover: Huy. This motorhome stopover is located next to the water and at about 500 metres distance from the centre.

free motorhome stopover Huy

- The amazing view from the free motorhome stopover Huy!

Bastogne War Museum, Bastogne

Another historical place in Belgium: the Bastogne War Museum. This famous museum takes you back in time to the Second World War, specifically the Battle of the Ardennes. During a visit to this interactive museum you will learn everything about this battle. Not done learning yet? Then you can always go for a short walk. With a walk through the Vredesbos you can almost feel the history; this forest was planted in remembrance of American veterans, Belgian soldiers and all casualties that fell during the winter of 1944.

A visit to Bastogne will undoubtedly leave you speechless and impressed. To stay here for free, you can park your motorhome at Bastogne War Museum.

free motorhome stopover Bastogne

- Park your motorhome near the Bastogne War Museum and learn all about the Battle of the Ardennes!

Hasselt, Hasselt

Hasselt lies in the northeast of Belgium, inbetween Antwerp and Liège, and is the perfect place to enjoy nature! The free motorhome stopover Hasselt lies at a few kilometres distance from the eponymous city, that not only has some beautiful nature but also a charming city centre with several fun restaurants and shops. The centre of Hasselt, which is also the biggest city in Belgian Limburg, will surely surprise you!

As we have mentioned above, there are a lot of nature experiences in the surroundings of Hasselt. For example, you could go "Cycling through Water" or go on a hike in the nature reserve Kiewit. Whatever you might do, it will 100% be an amazing experience!

free motorhome stopover Hasselt

- The free motorhome stopover Hasselt is the perfect base to explore the area!

Would you rather go somewhere else, but would you still like to stay at a free motorhome stopover? No worries! Whether you want to go to the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Germany, Italy or Spain, with the tips from camperstop.com you will always find the right (and free) motorhome stopover for you!

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