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Germany shines with fun cities, each with their own character! From gorgeous nature reserves to bustling cities full of history. There are many sights that you should definitely see during your visit to Germany. To help you out, we composed a list with a couple of free motorhome stopovers in Germany, so you can go on an amazing motorhome trip! Get in your motorhome and enjoy Germany's diversity!

Esslingen am Neckar

We start off in the south of Germany! The village Esslingen am Neckar is the perfect pit-stop when you are visiting Stuttgart. In the centre of Stuttgart, you'll find the Schlossplatz. There is always something to do in this place! In summer, there are a host of open-air concerts and festivals here. In winter, you can enjoy yourself at a christmas market! Would you rather go shopping in the longest shopping street of Stuttgart? Then eat your heart out at the Köningstraße, because this street offers both large chain stores and charming, small boutiques. You can always take a break from shopping at one of the many cosy cafés and restaurants. At a 20-minute drive from Stuttgart, there is a free motorhome site where you can stay overnight with your motorhome, namely Äußerer Burgplatz.

Schlossplatz Stuttgart

- Discover the many events that take place at the Schlossplatz.


From the free motorhome stopover WV-Südcaravan one can go many ways. Both nature and culture enthusiasts can enjoy themselves here. Discover the historical town of Freiburg, which lies on the border of Switzerland. Here, you'll find numerous small canals with running water. But you definitely cannot miss out on the nature of the Black Forest (Schwarzwald)! One of the most popular sights here, which simultaneously functions as a place to take stunning hikes along waterfalls, are the waterfalls of Triberg. This place is characterised by its steep, granite rock cliffs. Surrounding the waterfalls, you can make a hike of 2,5km long. This hike is definitely fit for families as well. You'll encounter lots of stunning viewpoints on your way!

waterfalls the black forest

- Take a hike along the cascading waterfalls in the Black Forest!


Discover what is perhaps Germany's most famous sight: Neuschwanstein Castle. This fairytale castle was built in the 19th century by order of King Louis II of Bavaria. This king, who was also called the fairytale-king, wanted to have a medieval knight's castle and had it built next to his father's castle: Hohenschwangau. Despite the fact that the castle was never finished, due to the mysterious death of king Louis II, it is definitely worth having a look at this fairytale palace! Book a tour that allows you to see both the interior and the exterior of the castle. Ideally, you can park your motorhome at the free motorhome stopover Wellenfreibad. From this motorhome stopover, you'll be at this historical castle in less than 30 minutes. Are you prepared to drive a little longer, and longing to visit the city of Munich? Then have a look at Marienplatz. This is the centre of Munich, a square that is surrounded by stunning, historical buildings!

Neuschwanstein Castle

- Book a tour through the fairytale castle: Neuschwanstein castle!


From the motorhome stopover Mainufer, in the village Rüsselsheim, you'll be in the centre of the bustling Frankfurt in no time! This city is also called the Manhatten of Europe, due to its tremendous skyline. When you think of Frankfurt, you'll think of picturesque neighbourhoods, museums and a city beach. Would you like to see the city from a different point of view? Go to the 54th floor of the Main Tower for the best view of the city. After, cross the road to the picturesque neighbourhood Sachsenhausen, where you'll find a vast amount of cafés and restaurants. Most of the museums of Frankfurt are located in this area, too! Städel Museum is, with its many masterpieces, one of the most prominent museums in Germany. At the end, get in the U-Bahn and discover the cool, underground street-art. You definitely don't want to miss out on this!

Skyline Frankfurt

- The skyline of Frankfurt!


Reisemobilstellplatz Linn is the perfect starting point to discover Düsseldorf! This city is the perfect blend of glee and charm. What used to be a fisher's village, has now grown to be a huge metropolis. Take a walk along the biggest boulevard of Düsseldorf, the Königsallee. Visit several museums and historical buildings, and end the day at one of the many cosy restaurants or cafés that you can find on the riverside of the Rhine. Would you rather learn something about the history of Düsseldorf? Visit the oldest part of the city, the Kaiserswerth. Here, you can admire the old ruins of the former palace of emperor Friedrich Barbarossa. You can also take a walk along the charming, baroque houses from the 17th and 18th century.

The Königsallee

- The wide streets of the Königsallee!


The bustling shopping streets, the gorgeous harbour and the cosy cafés are, at this point, characteristics of this city. Besides, the history of Dortmund is very interesting too! This is a lively place with lots of possibilities to entertain yourself during your motorhome trip. Park your motorhome at motorhome stopover Dürrwang GmbH & Co Caravan und Reisemobile, and discover Dortmund from here! Take the tourbus and admire the most important sights of the city. A spectacular aspect of this city is definitely the fact that there are many, huge fountains to be found in Dortmund, one of which is the Gauklerbrunnen. You could also pay a visit to the Deutsches Fußballmuseum, a museum that belongs to the German football federation.

Deutsches Fußballmuseum

- Pay a visit to the Deutsches Fußballmuseum!

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