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France: 5 motorhome destinations just across the French border

We can go back to France! That’s why we have listed five beautiful places for you in northern France, all of which can be reached by motorhome!


Parc naturel des caps et marais d’Opale

This nature reserve may be a little less well known, but it is certainly worth it! Here you will find a fine mix of coast to get a breath of fresh air (from where you can sometimes even see the English coast!) and more inland, forest alternates with green valley and occasionally a village. The Saint-Omer marsh is also situated in this nature reserve, through which you can sail in a medieval boat!

Among other things, you can spend the night with your motorhome at the farm at the Ferme du Louvet camperstop. For more accommodation possibilities in the Parc naturel des caps et marais d’Opale, check out our CamperstopAdvisor!


Nancy is a suitable stopover if you are on your way to Switzerland or the South of France, but the city is also perfect for a self-contained city break! Admire all the art nouveau architecture during a nice walk and stop for a croissant or macaroon. More Art Nouveau? Then be sure to visit L'école de Nancy, where art originated in Nancy. There are many other museums in the city that will certainly keep you entertained for a whole day, such as the Musée des Beaux Arts.

In the centre of Nancy you can stay overnight at two camperstops: Port Saint Georges and Parking Faubourg Des III Maisons.

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- Place Stanislas in Nancy is even on the UNESCO World Heritage List!  

Parc naturel de l’Avesnois

In the Parc naturel de l'Avesnois you pass a varied landscape. Rivers, forest, meadows, you will come across all kinds of things here! In the Val-Joly lake, you can practise various water sports while the French sun shines deliciously on your face. In the past, various wood crafts were created here because of the woody surroundings, of which you will find traces in the villages like a clogmaker!

In the Parc naturel de l'Avesnois there are various accommodation options for motorhomes, including camperstop Landrecies. For more camperstops in this area, check out our CamperstopAdvisor.


Reims is known for two things: the cathedral, where many French kings have been crowned, and the many champagne houses that have their headquarters here. Since you are in the middle of the champagne region here, you can also easily go out with your motorhome to visit one of the many champagne producers! There are also two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Reims: the Cathedral of Notre-Dame mentioned earlier and the champagne region. More than enough reasons to visit this champagne city by motorhome!

In the centre of Reims you'll find camperstop Parc du CIS de la Comédie.

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- Make sure you have a drink at one of the champagne houses!  

Parc naturel des Ballons des Vosges

This green, hilly area is sometimes referred to as one of the most beautiful natural areas in the country. It is called such by the nature reserve of Thousand Lakes, an area where a total of around 850 (not a thousand) lakes can be admired. Great for a refreshing dip on a hot summer's day! In the area there are also several routes, such as a mountain ridge route, cheese route and wine route, although you may want to skip the last one ;). Most routes can be travelled by motorhome.

In the national park there are plenty of possibilities to spend the night in a motorhome. For example, you can spend the night at Aire de camping-cars Munster, but be sure to take a look at our CamperstopAdvisor!

Even more inspiration for your motorhome trip through France? Check out our destination page! 


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