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5 amazing French beaches where you must have been!

What could be better than a day at the beach, enjoying the good things the sea has to offer or simply getting a breath of fresh air during a long walk along the beach? France is perfect for this! After all, France has countless beautiful coastlines and beaches worth seeing. What really are the most beautiful, enjoyable and admirable beaches is very personal and hard to say. Camperstop makes a brave attempt to point out the most beautiful and enjoyable places on the coast, of course with a few motorhome stopovers on location!

How many of these 5 unique beaches can you tick off?

1. Crozon

The beaches around the Crozon peninsula are considered by many to be the most idyllic in all of France! Take, for example, I'lle Vierge beach, this white pebble beach is hidden between large rocks. You probably won't be here with 100 other tourists, because the road to it is challenging. The in-between views and the final splash in the water is well worth this trip! In case you don't like this climb, this beach can also be reached from the water by boat or canoe!

You can spend the night at one of the two camperstops in Crozon.  At Parking du Loc'h you can park your car for a maximum of 48 hours and is located directly by the sea. Click here for more information about this camperstop. Another possibility is Le Fret, click here for this camperstop.
Crozon strand camper
- According to Camperstop the most idyllic beach in the whole of France.

2. Porto Vecchio – Corsica

If you want to visit a lot of beautiful beaches in one trip, then Corsica is the destination! Almost the whole of Corsica consists of beautiful beaches, it is not for nothing that every tourist in Corsica visits on average 5 different beaches. In our opinion, the most beautiful beaches on this island are situated around Porto Vecchio. The azure blue water and white sand is very photogenic. Can you enjoy fresh fish and other delicacies the sea has to offer? Then stop off at one of the nice beach bars that this region has to offer, definitely worth it!

Located just 150 metres from a beautiful white sandy beach, you can spend the night at Camperpark Guiseppe. Just 500 metres away from the beach is Parking de la Plage, also perfectly situated for a few days at the beach. 
Corisca strand camper
- The French island of Corisca, a beautiful destination for beach lovers. 

3. Beaches at Lège-Cap-Ferret

On the Lège-Cap-Ferret peninsula, you can choose between two beaches rather than one! And the differences between these two beaches can hardly be greater! On one side is a huge beach (on the Atlantic Ocean) where you can take a walk or enjoy the sun on a towel. On the other side is a tiny beach along Bassin d'Arcachon. This beach lies on the inland sea between the peninsula and the mainland and is rich in oyster farms. So this place is certainly suitable if you love this delicacy!

You can spend the night on the free camperstop in Lége Cap Ferret. Located in the forest you can stay for free for a maximum of 48 hours, service is not available. Click here for more information about this motorhome stopover.
Biarritz strand camper
- The beach of Lège-Cap-Ferret.

4. Beach of Biarritz

Okay, it may not be the best-kept secret in France, but Biarritz beach certainly belongs in this list. Situated on the Atlantic Ocean, which is visited by many surfers every year, you can certainly call this a French surfing hotspot. Not (or no longer) the need to brave the waves with a surfboard? Sit quietly in the sand and enjoy the sporting spectacle that takes place in front of you. Don't like the hustle and bustle of this beach? Then it's nice to know that this beach overflows into Plage de Marbella, a much smaller and quieter beach. 

Motorhome stopovers in the vicinity of Biarritz are also certainly to be found there. For example, you can stand on the Parking Milady or on Aire de camping-cars Gabrielle Dorziat. Click here for more information.
Biarritz strand camper
- Biarritz beach is one of France's surfing hotspots.

5. Chalk cliffs of Etretat

The coastline of Etretat is truly breathtaking. The water and wind have carved beautiful shapes into the metre-high chalk cliffs and over the years have been a source of inspiration for many artists. Views of the 'Elephant Rock', an arch-shaped rock formation stretching over the water, and 'l'Aiguille', a 70(!) metres high rock that protrudes like a point above the water, are wonderful examples of this!

To stay overnight there are two camperstops in Étretat, you can stay for free Camperstop Étretat where no service is available. If you prefer a motorhome pitch with service, you can stay at Aire de stationnement Maupassant.

Étretat strand camper
- The beach of Étretat, impressive and definitely worth a visit. 
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Biarritz: © Atout France/Laurent Masurel
Lège-Cap-Ferret: © Atout France/François-Xavier 
Crozon: © Alexandre Lamoureux
Porto Vecchio: © https://www.touristmaker.com/france/corsica/


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