Gratis overnachten met de camper in Portugal

Free motorhome stopovers in Portugal!

Are you going for popular or off-the-beaten-path destinations? For the city or the beach? Palaces or wine? You can have it all at once in Portugal! Travel down to this beautiful country with your motorhome, where you can explore so many stunning places. Wander through the gorgeous landscape and enjoy the Southern European atmosphere while you spend the night at one of the many free motorhome stopovers. What else could you want?! To complete your trip, we composed a list of free motorhome stopovers in Portugal for you!

hiking from the motorhome stopover in Saxon Switzerland!

3x hiking from the motorhome stopover in Saxon Switzerland!

Saxon Switzerland is unparalleled in beauty. This nature reserve, that lies in the east of Germany, is relatively unknown. Yet it harbours some of the most beautiful pieces of nature in the entire country! Active travellers in particular will have a great time here; as there are several hiking and cycling trails around here! In this article, we give a couple of suggestions for hiking trails in Saxon Switzerland that are easily accessible from a motorhome stopover.

Saxon Switzerland and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains

The name is a bit misleading.. Saxon Switzerland is as far from the real Switzerland as possible. This region lies in the east of Germany, past Dresden. Saxon Switzerland is also the home to the gorgeous Elbe Sandstone Mountains. This mountain range is located both in Germany and the Czech Republic, and it might be one of the most picturesque mountain ranges of Eastern Europe.

The name gives it away, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains stretch across the banks of the River Elbe. There aren't many incredibly high mountains over here, the highest peak is only 723 metres high and lies in the Czech part of the mountain range: Bohemian Switzerland. Despite this, the mountain range offers some fantastic views over the Elbe and fairy-like rock formations.

The entire area stretches out over about 100 m2 and therefore harbours many beautiful hiking trails. The most famous, and simultaneously the longest, route is the Malerweg. This long-distance trail is considered to be the most beautiful trail of Germany. The trail brings you to all the highlights of Saxon Switzerland by foot in 8 days, so this is a perfect way to explore the area! If you do not feel like walking for 8 days, however, then don't fret: there are many other ways in which you can explore the area!

nature saxon switzerland

- In Saxon Switzerland you'll walk along the most amazing rock formations

Reisemobilpark Bastei

At Reisemobilpark Bastei, you will stay close to the absolute highlight of Saxon Switzerland: The Bastei bridge. This bridge is immensly popular among photographers and travellers, which is not surpring, because this place is extremely photogenic! The rock formation at the Bastei is about 305 metres high and since 200 years there is a bridge that connects the rocks. Be sure to arrive early, though! It can get incredibly crowded with tourists on the bridge.

Around the Bastei Bridge, there are also a lot of other attractions. For instance, you can take a look at Neurathen Rock Castle. This castle is carved into the rocks and is definitely worth a visit. In addition, the entire region around the Bastei Bridge is suitable for hiking, it is equally beautiful everywhere!

You could also visit the Lohmener Klamm from the motorhome stopover. In this area, you'll walk along the Wessenitz, which is a river in the Saxon region. On your way you'll encounter many interesting sights; such as a historic hydroelectric power station and a still-active sandstone mine.

Bastei bridge

- It is no surprise that the Bastei bridge is loved by thousands of travellers and photographers; this place is unlike any other!

Camping-Stellplatz Struppen

The second motorhome stopover from where you can easily explore Saxon Switzerland is Camping-Stellplatz Struppen. This motorhome stopover lies closely to the Steinbruchpfad, a walking trail of about 7,5 kilometres long that takes you along stunning stone quarries. You will also find the Wilkeaussicht here. This walking route is 6 kilometres long and lies close to the German city Wehlen. At the end of the trail, you'll be rewarded with an amazing view over the Elbe river!

View over the Elbe river

- The phenomenal view over the Elbe!

Panoramahotel Lilienstein

Panoramahotel Lilienstein is the starting point for visiting National Park Saxon Switzerland by campervan. You cannot miss out on the Strammsteinaussicht in this national park. This walking trail is very popular, so make sure you leave early! It is a strenuous hike, but the view at the top is so beautiful that you instantly forget about all the sweat, blood and tears.

Other popular and stunning destinations in the national park include the Hohe Liebe, Falkenstein and the Heilige Stiege. For more information on the various hiking trails in this stunning area you can take a look at the website of Saxon Switzerland.

hiking saxon switzerland

- Hiking in Saxon Switzerland is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience!

Would you rather get out with your bike? Check out our article ''5x cycling from the motorhome stopover in France!'' In this article, we give you several tips on amazing motorhome stopovers in France from where you can easily explore the country by bike! Have a lot of motorhome fun!

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Parque do Choupalinho, Coímbra

We arrive in the university town of Coímbra, an extremely fun town with lots of things to do. Take a walk through the stunning bamboo forest in the botanical garden, have a picnic in between the flowers and wander around, so that you can escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. You cannot miss a visit to the oldest university of Portugal, located at the top of the hill with a stunning view over the city. Besides the beauty of the city, Coímbra is also a place where you can just enjoy some amazing food and drinks. Sit down at one of the many restaurants at the central square, Praça do Comércio, and enjoy some live music with a glass of delicious wine! Time to wind down after a busy day in the city? At just fifteen minutes by foot, you'll find motorhome stopover Parque do Choupalinho, where you can spend the night with your motorhome.


- Coímbra is the university town of Portugal!

Parque de S João, Aveiro

From the free motorhome stopover Parque de S João you'll have an amazing view over one of the many canals that run through this picturesque town. Aveiro isn't called the Venice of Portugal for nothing! Get in the colourful gondolas and ride through the canals, explore the fishers’ market or pay a visit to the museum. However, if you fancy the sun, sea, and the beach, this is also the right place for you! You'll find an extensive beach here, where you can surf, kitesurf, sail, and go fishing. This is a very touristy location where, this summer, lots of bars will open and events will take place. This is the ideal place for a relaxing vacation. Want to go to a quieter location, and escape all the tourism? Just outside the city centre you'll find a small park, De Parque Dom Pedro Infante. Explore the greenery of this park, with its age-old trees, stunning bridges, the Art-Nouveau theatre, the pond with ducks and the stunning view over the lake.


- The colourful gondolas in the canals of Aveiro!

Venda Nova, Venda Nova

The views over the city, fun wine bars, old premises, and cool street art; you should definitely visit Porto! If there's one activity that you cannot miss out on while you stay in Porto, it's drinking port wine. Take part in one of the many tours through the port factories and let yourself be surprised by the many different sorts of port during a tasting. Lucky you, the free motorhome stopover Venda Nova is easy to reach by metro, so that you don't have to worry about staying sober! For the best view over Porto, you'll have to walk across the iconic Dom Luis I bridge. You'll watch over the historical city centre and the extensive river Douro. Especially during sunset, the view over here is spectacular. You'll see boats stacked with port wine ride by, and you can even see the colourful quay of Ribeira, also known as the most fun place in Porto due to its many restaurants and street musicians.


- Admire the historical centre of Porto from the bridge!

Pingo Doce Lagos - Marina, Lagos

Lagos is the ideal starting point to explore the Algarve. This fun town is central on the coast and thus the perfect place to stay. Park your motorhome at Pingo Doce Lagos, and you can head out to explore the region right away! Get in a kayak to explore the clear blue water, enormous cliffs, hidden beaches, and stunning caves. But you don't just get a good view from the water; hike up to the Ponta da Piedade and you'll have an amazing view over the rocks and the seas. After having enjoyed the coastal line, you can also explore the centre of Lagos. Wander through the centre and be amazed by its beauty. Lagos is so much fun! Here, you'll find many different shops and cafés. At the end of the day, you'll find street musicians here and there, who will provide for the best atmosphere possible.


- The view from Ponta da Piedade!

Corroios, Corroios

Wander through the picturesque neighbourhood Alfama, with its small and cosy alleys. Enjoy a delicious Portuguese meal. Watch the sunset from the many stunning viewpoints and take a walk along the river in the evening. This is Lisbon. Lisbon is a touristic destination for your trip to Portugal. Are you planning on visiting the city centre? The best and most fun way is to make a ride in the historical tram, that will bring you to the best neighbourhoods in the city through small alleys and steep hills. You should also visit the Castelo de São Jorge. This is the most famous and oldest castle in Lisbon, located at the highest hill of the city, with (not to forget) a stunning view over Lisbon! Take a walk on the ancient city walls, and do not miss out on the castle garden with its many peacocks! You can park your motorhome at Corroios, which is located at about half an hour drive from the city.


- Take a ride through the small streets of Lisbon with the historical tram!

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Camperstop Europe - motorhome guide

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