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Where to with the motorhome in March
March 01, 2023

Where to with the motorhome in March?

Author: Femke van Bree
Whether you want to go bird spotting or drink thousands of beers in Germany... these are the best motorhome destinations for March!
free motorhome stopovers in spain
February 24, 2023

6x free motorhome stopovers in Spain!

Author: Femke van Bree
Surfing for beginners, hiking or cycling along the beach or a visit to a national park, it's all possible in the north of Spain!
historical motorhome destinations europe
February 08, 2023

5x historical motorhome destinations

Author: Femke van Bree
From ancient Roman cities to World War II remnants... these are Europe's most beautiful historical motorhome destinations!
5x free motorhome stopovers in Italy!
January 27, 2023

5x free motorhome stopovers in Italy!

Author: Simone Swinkels
Drive through fairytale mountains or visit Old Roman cities? We have listed 5 free motorhome stopovers in Italy for you!
Roadtrip EN2: Route 66 of Portugal
January 15, 2023

Roadtrip EN2: The Portugese Route 66!

Author: Femke van Bree
The EN2 is also known as the Portugese Route 66. This route takes you from the North to the South of rural Portugal. Discover authentic Portugal with this stunning motorhome route!
travel trends 2023
January 04, 2023

Travel trends for 2023!

Author: Femke van Bree
From ''off-grid'' to ''set-jetters''... Read ahead to find out what the biggest travel trends of next year are!
Escape the cold in Spain
December 07, 2022

Want to escape the cold? Go to Spain!

Author: Femke van Bree
Want to exchange the cold and wet weather for sunny Spain? Check which places you could travel to with your motorhome!
motorhome christmas market
November 23, 2022

Visit christmas markets with your motorhome!

Author: Femke van Bree
What's not to like about christmas markets? These christmas markets in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are easy to visit with your motorhome!
Culinary camping in Europe
November 06, 2022

5x Culinary camping in Europe

Author: Femke van Bree
Get in your motorhome and come with us on a culinary trip through Europe!
Taking your motorhome out skiing
October 26, 2022

Taking your motorhome out skiing!

Author: Femke van Bree
Going skiing this winter? Here you'll find the best places to take your motorhome out skiing!
Spend the winter in the sunny south!
October 23, 2022

Spend the winter in the sunny south!

Author: Femke van Bree
While everything is turning grey and dreary at home, the sun still shines on in southern Europe. Get in your motorhome and spend the winter in the sunny south!
meren Italië camper
September 23, 2022

The most beautiful lakes of Italy by motorhome

Author: Elise van den Dobbelsteen
Italy is rich in beautiful lakes with clear blue water. Are you going to Italy with your motorhome? Then you should definitely not miss these beautiful lakes!
camperplaatsen gratis Portugal
September 09, 2022

5x free motorhome stopovers in Portugal

Author: Dana Janssen
There is nothing better than staying for free. Especially in the beautiful and versatile Portugal. We have listed 5 free motorhome stopovers for you.
Zuid-Duitsland camper steden camperplaatsen
September 06, 2022

South Germany with the motorhome: the nicest cities + motorhome stopovers

Author: Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Southern Germany has everything it takes to become one of your favorite motorhome stopovers. There is so much to see and experience that you won't know where to start. In this blog, we'll give you a hand on your way. Are you reading along?
Andalusië Spanje camperreis
August 30, 2022

With the motorhome to Andalusia

Author: Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Are you ready for a motorhome trip to Andalusia? This sun-drenched region of Spain has an awful lot of great cities. Will you read along?
camperreis Europa bestemmingen stedentrip
August 22, 2022

5x city trips with the motorhome

Author: Femke van den Nieuwenhof
A city trip with the motorhome is always a good idea! This way you can taste the atmosphere of the city in no time. Need inspiration for your next city trip? Then read on.
Kroatië doen camper bezienswaardigheden
August 16, 2022

5x things to do during your motorhome trip in Croatia

Author: Femke van den Nieuwenhof
A motorhome trip through Croatia is full of surprises. You can spot dolphins, taste wine, walk through a historic town or visit one of the many islands. Wondering which activities you should definitely have done? Then read on.
Motorhome trip Sweden
July 31, 2022

Motorhome route Sweden: from Gothenburg to Falun

Author: Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Sweden! A country that is increasingly popular with motorhomers. There's really no reason why you shouldn't go to Sweden with your motorhome. Will you travel with us?
Motorhome trip citytrip Cochem Germany
July 26, 2022

Visit Cochem with your motorhome!

Author: Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Cochem is a must see on your motorhome trip to Germany. You will find three motorhome stopovers here! From these camperstops you can perfectly explore the city. Will you travel with us?
Belgium coast overnight motorhome stopover
July 17, 2022

5x motorhome stopovers at the Belgian coast

Author: Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Do you want to take your motorhome to the Belgian coast this summer? Then be sure to read on. We have 5 motorhome stopovers for you on a list!
Motorhome trip France Spain
July 14, 2022

Combine France & Spain on your next motorhome trip

Author: Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Een camperreis door Frankrijk of Spanje is altijd een goed idee. Combineer deze twee bestemmingen en haal het beste uit beide landen. Lees snel verder..
Le Marche Italy
Jul 01, 2022

Discover the coast of Le Marche with the motorhome

Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Most tourists who travel to Italy choose to vacation on Lake Garda, the Amalfi Coast or Lake Como. These are of course fine destinations, but what about the region of Le Marche? Are you ready for a new motorhome adventure in Italy?
motorhome trip ruhr region Germany
Jun 29, 2022

Ruhr region: a motorhome trip with an industrial edge!

Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Are you ready for a motorhome trip with an industrial edge? Then travel with us to the German Ruhr area. Here you can see how former factories are transformed into museums, restaurants and much more.
camperreis Frankrijk markten
Jun 23, 2022

Visit the best markets during your motorhome adventure in France!

Femke van den Nieuwenhof
There is nothing more fun than visiting one of the markets in France! Walk along hundreds of stalls and taste the most delicious local dishes. Are you traveling soon with the motorhome to this beloved country? Then you should definitely not miss these markets...
Motorhome route Croatia coast cities
Jun 15, 2022

Motorhome route: from north to south Croatia!

Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Croatia! This vacation country is becoming increasingly popular among motorhome owners. We understand why this destination is so popular. There is something here for every motorhome owners! Are you ready to discover this versatile country?
motorhome trip carinthia austria
Jun 09, 2022

With the motorhome towards the sunniest state in Austria!

Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Step into the motorhome towards the south of Austria. Here you will find Carinthia, Austria's sunniest state! Are you ready for the ultimate vacation feeling? Then read all about the must-sees of this region.
motorhome-trip sightseeing Costa del Sol
Jun 05, 2022

With the motorhome to the Costa del Sol

Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Are you ready for a trip by motorhome to the Costa del Sol in sunny Spain? Then don't hesitate to read on. We have selected for you the most important sights on this diverse coastline!
Motorhome trip nürnberg Germany
May 30, 2022

A trip to Nürnberg with the motorhome!

Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Want to take a break with your motorhome? Then choose a trip to the German city of Nuremberg. A city that has probably been mentioned in your history books...
camperroute Algarve Portugal
May 26, 2022

Motorhome route: discover the nicest places in the Algarve!

Femke van den Nieuwenhof
The Algarve! Who doesn't know this popular coastline in Portugal? Here you'll find beautiful sandy beaches, rugged cliffs and charming towns. The varied landscape makes the Algarve perfect for a motorhome trip. Are you curious about this coastline of less than 170 kilometers long? Then be sure to read on. We have created a route for you trough this sunny region.
motorhome tour Penedès Spain
May 18, 2022

Motorhome tour of the wines and cavas of Penedès

Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Are you a real wine lover? Then a motorhome tour through the Catalan region of Penedès is just the thing for you! Taste the most delicious wines and enjoy the Spanish sun.
motorhome stopover farmer Europe
May 12, 2022

8x motorhome stopovers at the (wine) farmer

Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Do you also like to spend the night in the countryside with the farmer during your motorhome-trip? These are the most beautiful farmer's motorhome stopovers in Europe!
Motorhome-trip Avignon France
Apr 14, 2022

By motorhome to the Rome of France, Avignon!

Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Bring a visit to Avignon. Take a guided tour of Palais des Papes or completely unwind in the verdant city garden. There is so much to experience in the Rome of France.
Germany free motorhome stopovers
Feb 14, 2022

15x free motorhome stopovers in Germany

Bas Hoevenaars
Are you looking for a free overnight stay on your motorhome journey through Germany? These free camper van sites are situated near beautiful sights and nature reserves!
visiting islands with a motorhome
Dec 27, 2021

6x visit an island with a motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
Do you also like the island feeling when you are on a campervan trip? These islands all have their own character and are good to visit with a motorhome!
Belgium motorhome stopover water
Oct 18, 2021

8x motorhome stopovers near water in Belgium

Sanne de Brouwer
From a motorhome site at the water's edge, you can dive into the water in no time or have a wonderful view. These camper pitches in Belgium are in a beautiful location just a stone's throw from the water. 
motorhome trip autumn
Sep 29, 2021

5x brave autumn with the motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
It is autumn again! In these nature reserves, you can take the most beautiful autumn walks from the motorhome site. 
Germany motorhome tips
Sep 22, 2021

6x sights on your motorhome journey in Germany

Sanne de Brouwer
A motorhome journey of Germany is full of beautiful views, castles and nature. These are the 6 most beautiful sights of the country to visit by campervan. 
Netherlands free camperstop
Aug 25, 2021

Free camperstops in the Netherlands

Sanne de Brouwer
From these free camperstops in the Netherlands you can easily discover the beautiful surroundings. They are selected by province, so you can easily find your next camperstop!
motorhome journey water camperstop
Aug 18, 2021

5x camperstops on the waterfront

Sanne de Brouwer
If you spend the night with your motorhome on a recreational lake, you can take a refreshing dip in the water from your camperstop. These recreational lakes in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany are perfect for a stay during your camperstop.