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motorhome tour Penedès Spain
May 18, 2022

Motorhome tour of the wines and cavas of Penedès

Author: Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Are you a real wine lover? Then a motorhome tour through the Catalan region of Penedès is just the thing for you! Taste the most delicious wines and enjoy the Spanish sun.
motorhome stopover farmer Europe
May 12, 2022

8x motorhome stopovers at the (wine) farmer

Author: Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Do you also like to spend the night in the countryside with the farmer during your motorhome-trip? These are the most beautiful farmer's motorhome stopovers in Europe!
Motorhome-trip Avignon France
April 14, 2022

By motorhome to the Rome of France, Avignon!

Author: Femke van den Nieuwenhof
Bring a visit to Avignon. Take a guided tour of Palais des Papes or completely unwind in the verdant city garden. There is so much to experience in the Rome of France.
Germany free motorhome stopovers
February 14, 2022

15x free motorhome stopovers in Germany

Author: Bas Hoevenaars
Are you looking for a free overnight stay on your motorhome journey through Germany? These free camper van sites are situated near beautiful sights and nature reserves!
visiting islands with a motorhome
December 27, 2021

6x visit an island with a motorhome

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
Do you also like the island feeling when you are on a campervan trip? These islands all have their own character and are good to visit with a motorhome!
France motorhome travel tips
December 06, 2021

The best tips for your motorhome trip through France

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
Are you planning a campervan trip to France? Then these sights are not to be missed! And the ideal thing is: for each sight, there is a motorhome stopover nearby.
Belgium motorhome stopover water
October 18, 2021

8x motorhome stopovers near water in Belgium

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
From a motorhome site at the water's edge, you can dive into the water in no time or have a wonderful view. These camper pitches in Belgium are in a beautiful location just a stone's throw from the water. 
motorhome trip autumn
September 29, 2021

5x brave autumn with the motorhome

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
It is autumn again! In these nature reserves, you can take the most beautiful autumn walks from the motorhome site. 
Germany motorhome tips
September 22, 2021

6x sights on your motorhome journey in Germany

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
A motorhome journey of Germany is full of beautiful views, castles and nature. These are the 6 most beautiful sights of the country to visit by campervan. 
Spain most beautiful beaches motorhome
September 01, 2021

The most beautiful beaches in Spain by motorhome

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
For sun, sea and sand, Spain is the place to be. These beaches are among the most beautiful in the country and can be visited with a motorhome. 
Netherlands free camperstop
August 25, 2021

Free camperstops in the Netherlands

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
From these free camperstops in the Netherlands you can easily discover the beautiful surroundings. They are selected by province, so you can easily find your next camperstop!
motorhome journey water camperstop
August 18, 2021

5x camperstops on the waterfront

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
If you spend the night with your motorhome on a recreational lake, you can take a refreshing dip in the water from your camperstop. These recreational lakes in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany are perfect for a stay during your camperstop. 
camperstop Germany water
August 06, 2021

8 camperstops at the waterfront in Germany

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
Do you like to take a refreshing dip in the water from your camperstop or have a direct view of the water from your motorhome? These camperstops in Germany are by the water. 
motorhome journey France nature
July 29, 2021

Visit the nature in France with a motorhome

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
If you like to walk or cycle from the camperstop, these nature reserves are recommended for your next motorhome journey through France. 
Catalonia Motorhome
July 23, 2021

The highlights of Catalonia by motorhome

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
Catalonia is an immensely popular region in Spain. You should therefore not miss these highlights during your motorhome journey through Spain! 
Germany Castles Motorhome
July 09, 2021

The 4 most beautiful castles in Germany by motorhome

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
In Germany, you will find numerous fairy-tale castles where you can imagine yourself in a completely different world. These 4 castles are among the most beautiful in the country. Visit them during your next motorhome journey. 
Grand Tour round trip Switzerland motorhome
June 24, 2021

Motorhome tour of Switzerland: The Grand Tour

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
The Grand Tour of Switzerland takes you to the most beautiful places in the country. Enjoy the many beautiful lakes and medieval locations on this tour and be surprised!
motorhome France
June 18, 2021

Tips for your motorhome trip in southern France

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
Discover the South of France on your next motorhome journey and be surprised by the many fantastic landscapes and medieval towns. For it is obvious that this region has more to offer than just a beach holiday by motorhome!
Tuscany Motorhome Journey
June 11, 2021

Tuscany by motorhome: highlights & tips

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
Tuscany is bursting with beautiful sights from ancient times. Spend the night at one of the many camperstops and visit places like Florence, Pisa and Volterra on your motorhome journey and be surprised by all the beauty that Italy has to offer! 
motorhome Austria
May 31, 2021

Discover Tyrol on your next motorhome trip

Author: Sanne de Brouwer
Discover all of Austria's splendour on a motorhome trip of the country. On the way, you will pass beautiful landscapes, historic castles and cosy Austrian cities.
motorhome Spain
Apr 12, 2021

5x must see during your motorhome-trip through Spain

Sanne de Brouwer
On your motorhome-trip through Spain, you will encounter beautiful landscapes and cities. Did you know that the country is also full of UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Discover these 5 UNESCO gems during your motorhome tour of Spain.
Germany city break motorhome
Mar 25, 2021

3x city break in Germany by motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
Discover the rich history and beautiful art of the country on a city break with a motor home in Germany. You can stay overnight with your motorhome near the city, so you can discover the city at your leisure!
motorhome tour Alsace
Mar 11, 2021

Motorhome trip to Alsace: the best travel tips

Sanne de Brouwer
Visit Alsace with a motorhome. A diverse region in France with plenty of nature, castles, wine regions and authentic cities. Discover this region now during your next motorhome trip!
Motorhome tour Lake Garda
Feb 24, 2021

Discover Lake Garda by bike during your motorhome trip

Sanne de Brouwer
There is good news for the active motorhomers among us: there will be a new cycling route around Lake Garda this year, covering about 140 kilometres! A good reason to put Lake Garda on your wish list for your next motorhome tour in Italy.
Belgium Flanders Motorhome
Feb 07, 2021

Motorhome route: discover Flanders

Sanne de Brouwer
During a campervan trip through Belgian Flanders, you will encounter a fine mix of nature, city and history. Discover this region now with the campervan and be surprised!
Italian riviera, motorhome
Jan 27, 2021

A motorhome trip of the Italian Riviera

Sanne de Brouwer
In the Italian Riviera, you will find plenty of variety. Discover this beautiful region now during your motorhome-trip through Italy!
Friesland Motorhome
Jan 26, 2021

Discover Friesland by motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
The Dutch province of Friesland has much to offer the motorhomer! Explore this province by motor home in the peaceful countryside, the bustling capital and, of course, the coast with its Wadden Sea, where you can enjoy yourself for hours.
Ireland motorhome
Jan 20, 2021

5 must sees - Ireland by motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
Discover Ireland on your next motorhome-trip and be amazed by the immense nature, ancient ruins and beautiful palaces!
Noord-Spanje camper
Jan 12, 2021

Motorhome route: Discover all the highlights of northern Spain

Sanne de Brouwer
Discover this region now on your next motorhome trip and be surprised. This itinerary through Northern Spain will take you on a motorhome journey through the region full of history, culture and, of course, delicious food!
Bien-être pendant votre voyage de camping en Basse-Saxe, Allemagne
Jan 04, 2021

Wellness during your motorhome trip through Lower Saxony, Germany

Sanne de Brouwer
 Wellness during your camping trip? This is possible in Lower Saxony, Germany! Discover various baths that are perfect to visit with your motorhome and enjoy! Wellness tijdens je campertrip? Zo’n 300 kuuroorden in Duitsland mogen officieel het woord ‘Bad’ voor hun naam zetten. In al deze plaatsen speelt het bevorderen van de gezondheid en genezing vaak al heel lang een belangrijke rol. Maar ook wellness en welbevinden behoren inmiddels tot de zwaartepunten. En het leuke is dat je met je camper…
Zeeland motorhome
Dec 23, 2020

Discover Zeeland by motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
Go on holiday to Zeeland in a motorhome. A beautiful province to discover on a motorhome trip: from historic towns to fun days out, there's something for both young and old!
Germany Romantic Strasse motorhome
Dec 20, 2020

Motorhome route: the Romantic Road in Germany

Sanne de Brouwer
Discover this beautiful route through Germany now on your next motorhome journey! The Romantic Road is - as the name suggests - a romantic motorhome route full of medieval atmospheres and beautiful castles, ideal to discover during your motorhome holiday in Germany. 
Budapest camper
Dec 16, 2020

City trip by motorhome: Budapest

Sanne de Brouwer
Budapest has plenty of history, beautiful buildings and bathhouses. Time to discover this destination during your motorhome trip through Hungary!rije!
France Motorhome Normandy Brittany
Dec 13, 2020

Motorhome route: Normandy & Brittany

Bas Hoevenaars
A trip by motorhome through Normandy & Brittany in France is amazing! Visit these regions during your holiday in a motorhome! Both are full of historic cities and beaches, beautiful nature and of course French culture.
Nov 24, 2020

Stay along the sunny coast: motorhome route Spain

Sanne de Brouwer
The Spanish coast offers enough variety for everyone: larger cities like Barcelona and Seville, but also the smaller towns like Murcia and Gerona are definitely recommended!
Douro Portugal camper
Nov 22, 2020

The Portuguese Douro Valley with the motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
The Douro valley is a beautiful piece of Portugal full of port and wine houses, hiking trails and many beautiful villages such as Pinhão. Wine, sunshine and beautiful nature: the Douro Valley has all the ingredients for a great motorhome trip! 
Croatia motorhome
Nov 17, 2020

Combine city & nature during your motorhome trip in Croatia

Sanne de Brouwer
Croatia has it all: beautiful nature where you can marvel at hours and cities where you say to yourself. That's why we have listed the most beautiful places for you, from where you can enter nature as well as the city!
Groot-Brittannië nationale parken camper
Nov 14, 2020

Visit Britain's most beautiful National Parks by motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
Britain is bursting with rugged countryside that you can brave with a motorhome! Stop off at the typical British villages during your motorhome journey or go for a real whisky tasting: a varied motorhome journey is guaranteed!
Wine route through Spain: Penedès
Nov 08, 2020

Wine route through Spain: Penedès

Sanne de Brouwer
In the northeast of Spain you will find the Penedès region, in Catalonia. The towns of Vilafranca del Penedès and Sant Sadurní d'Anoia are a good base from which to visit various wine producers! Read here quickly where you should definitely stop by!
7 essential ski destinations by motorhome in Austria
Nov 04, 2020

7 ski destinations by motorhome in Austria

Sanne de Brouwer
From your motorhome onto the ski slope, that sounds like music to your ears, doesn't it? At these places it is possible and you can get off the slopes in no time! Whatever your level, there are suitable ski locations for every level. 
The chateaus of Luxembourg by motorhome
Nov 01, 2020

The chateaus of Luxembourg by motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
Throughout Luxembourg there are several chateaus that make for a fairytale camper trip. Enjoy a combination of castles, green surroundings and picturesque towns while visiting one of the chateaus. 
Gelderland motorhome
Oct 27, 2020

Visit Gelderland in The Netherlands by motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
Gelderland is a province that has a lot to offer for motorhome tourists, because there is a stopover near many places of interest! Time to discover this green region full of culture and history with your motorhome. 
Thirty villages are among the most beautiful in Wallonia and you can visit them by camper van!
Oct 25, 2020

Visit the most beautiful villages of Wallonia by motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
Thirty villages are among the most beautiful in Wallonia and you can visit them by motorhome! Visit them all on a trip from Limbourg to Aubechies, or take a look if you are nearby in your motorhome. 
7x the best places to visit in the United Kingdom
Oct 21, 2020

7x the best places to visit in the United Kingdom

Sanne de Brouwer
The United Kingdom is full of beautiful places, whether you like nature or the typical British atmosphere. In this article we will take you past 7 beautiful places, such as the historic Cotswolds and bustling Liverpool!
On the road: active motorhome trip through the Black Forest
Oct 20, 2020

An active motorhome trip through the Black Forest

Sanne de Brouwer
Next to various mountains and forests for nice long walks, the Black Forest in Germany also offers the necessary culture and relaxation in one of their many spa’s! Take a motorhome trip along these highlights or choose one destination, it’s all possible! During your trip you will certainly come across cuckoo clocks, which originate from the Black Forest, and numerous typical German villages, which will make you feel like you are in the real Germany!
De Elzas, Bourgogne en Bordeaux zijn allen prachtige wijnstreken in Frankrijk om te bezoeken met de camper!
Oct 18, 2020

Visit the wine regions of France by motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
France and wine are regularly mentioned in the same breath. That's why you shouldn't miss a motorhome trip along the famous wine regions of France! Are you going for Alsace, Bordeaux or Burgundy? 
Visit the most beautiful beaches in France!
Oct 15, 2020

5 French beaches where you must have been!

Elise van den Dobbelsteen
What could be better than a day at the beach, enjoying the good things the sea has to offer or simply getting a breath of fresh air during a long walk along the beach? France is perfect for this! After all, France has countless beautiful coastlines and beaches worth seeing. What really are the most beautiful, enjoyable and admirable beaches is very personal and hard to say. Camperstop makes a brave attempt to point out the most beautiful and enjoyable places on the coast, of course with a few…
Oct 13, 2020

From north to south with the motorhome through Luxembourg

Elise van den Dobbelsteen
Although small in size, Luxembourg has more than enough to offer for a great motorhome trip from north to south. Explore the country as you pass beautiful old towns, which alternate with the most beautiful nature! After reading this article, are you looking for even more inspiration for your motorhome trip through Luxembourg? Take a look at the destination page of this country!
Stay in Germany's oldest wine city with the motorhome
Oct 11, 2020

Visit Germany's oldest wine city by motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
Neumagen-Dhron is the oldest wine town in Germany, in the middle of the Moselle! A journey for both the wine lover and history lover, because the Romans also left their traces here!
Motorhome citytrip: Strasbourg
Oct 07, 2020

Motorhome citytrip: Strasbourg in France

Sanne de Brouwer
Strasbourg, Strasbourg in French, is bursting with idyllic streets full of half-timbered houses. Time for a city trip to this border city! 
10x fishing from your motorhome
Sep 26, 2020

10x fishing from your motorhome

Jady van den Broek
Many locations in the Netherlands are not only worth spending the night in a motorhome, but you can also throw out your fishing rod in a fantastic way! Camperstop has lined up these 10 fishing spots for you so you can go fishing directly from your motorhome! 
Discover the French and Belgian Ardennes from your motorhome
Sep 20, 2020

Discover the French and Belgian Ardennes from your motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
Both in France and Belgium you can visit the vast Ardennes, but what are the most beautiful places? The locations below have been selected on the basis of their special activities, beautiful nature or even special shape. With these tips you can easily choose your next motorhome destination in the Ardennes! 
Sep 14, 2020

3x the German coast with your motorhome

Sanne de Brouwer
The German coastline is certainly worth a visit because of the variety of things to do! It's great for sunbathing and swimming, taking a long walk along the beach or visiting one of the small towns: something for everyone on the German coast! 
Sep 10, 2020

Celebrate Oktoberfest from your motorhome!

Sanne de Brouwer
Why not bring the Oktoberfest to you and have your own party in the motorhome? Pack your things, drive to your favourite camperstop and make it your own party!
Sep 07, 2020

The breweries of Belgium during your motorhome trip

Sanne de Brouwer
If there is a country known for good beer, it is Belgium! We have listed the best breweries in Belgium for you to visit during your motorhome trip through Belgium. Cheers!
Sep 03, 2020

Citytrip with your motorhome: Berlin

Sanne de Brouwer
Berlin, the capital of Germany, is a city for everyone: It’s full of history, culture and art. This makes it the perfect city for everyone to spend a (long) weekend. For first-time visitors, sights such as the Brandenburg Gate are excellent. Have you been in the city before? Then go and discover the lesser-known neighbourhoods. Are you looking for a trip full of culture? Then read on!
Aug 27, 2020

A trip around the world through Switzerland – Part 3: Asia

Elise van den Dobbelsteen
We already knew that Switzerland is a versatile country, but that you can make a trip around the world here is new and the fun part is: this is all possible with by motorhome! The first week we showed the versatile Europe in Switzerland, last week it was Swiss North America’s turn. 
Aug 14, 2020

A trip around the world through Switzerland - Part 1: Europe

Milou van Riet
Switzerland is a versatile country, so versatile that it is possible to do a world trip here! How ideal is that? To see the world from your own well-trusted motorhome, without having to travel thousands of kilometres! 
Spend the night along the most beautiful hikes
Aug 09, 2020

Spend the night along the most beautiful hikes

Sanne de Brouwer
A camperstop along a walking route is the perfect base for a great hike. Whether you are choosing for a short circular walk or choose to hike both sides of a route, there is something to be found for everyone!