The Camperstop-app, the FREE application with more than 10,500 inspected motorhome stopovers across 27 European countries!
A must-have for every European motorhomer!

You have full access to the most reliable database of European motorhome stopovers on your smartphone and tablet, for FREE! With updated information about more than 10,500 inspected camperstops, throughout 27 European countries.

The start of every trip with your motorhome!

A must-have for each motorhome-trip! The Camperstop-App allows you to find motorhome stopovers easily and contains up-to-date, detailed information, images and reviews of other motorhomers. Due to the detailed information and the reviews of others you know within no-time if the stop meets your requirements to stay overnight.

Navigate to your next stopover, motorhome park, camping or other overnight parking-spots has never been easier!

• Search for camperstops around your current location or your desired destination.
• Use filter options to search for camperstops according to your wishes and requirements, regarding type of stopover and / or offered service facilities.
• Found the right stopover? Navigate easily from the Camperstop-App using Google Maps or any other installed navigation-app.

The Camperstop-App (suitable for smartphone and tablet ) has been developed in collaboration with the authors of ‘Motorhome guide Camperstop Europe’! This ensures you, that you start your next trip with the most up-to-date information!

The FREE Camperstop-App includes the following features:
• Full access to information about 10,500 inspected stopovers, across 27 European countries.
• All official camperstops; from stopovers to Camper Parks, from simple overnight parkings at a harbour or farmer to huge campsites, with or without water service, grey water dumping, electricity, toilets, showers or WiFi.
• Filter, search and find the right Motorhome stopover and add it to your favourites.
• Navigate easily, from the Camperstop-app, to the stopover using Google Maps or any other installed navigation-app on your smartphone or tablet.
• Have you been at a stopover? Share your experiences with fellow motorhomers, by writing a review within the app!

By upgrading to Camperstop-Pro, you can use the following features as well!
• Download offline maps, so you don’t have to use any of your data bundle on the road!
• Follow the sun; all 10,500 camperstops are shown with a 5-day weather forecast.
• Option to turn advertising on or off.

Camperstop-Pro, just for €5,49 for 1 year!

Click here for an extensive user manual.

We keep working on new, interesting functionalities! Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions, questions or comments please contact us by sending an e-mail to

We continue to work on new, interesting functionalities!

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